Indeed, we are living in uncertain & trying times, particularly now that the COVID-19 pandemic is fast spreading in many parts of the World, Sub Saharan Africa and by extension Nigeria. As a society, we face the challenges we have never had to deal with before.

Biomedical Ltd, as a forward looking & leading indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturing, marketing & distribution company (in critical care management); is also very concerned about the potential spread of the corona virus in its host community & Nigeria.

To this end & in line with its vision, the management of Biomedical Ltd; is indeed committed to play its part to help the Nigerian populace get over the present day scourge; by now introducing its high premium quality range of Hand Sanitizers (alcoholic base ) & Hand/Dish Wash as a means towards breaking the vicious cycle & spread of Covid-19 infection (in both the asymptomatic & symptomatic patients); really amongst many of the very common pathogens in our surroundings.

Therefore, we are joining hands with other local, the government of Nigeria & international players in supporting the fiscal policy direction at containment of further spread of COVID -19.

Furthermore, Biomedical will continue to promote through its Public Health Education platforms, (beyond the present day challenge of COVID-19), the importance & other relevant areas of the usefulness of the Hand Sanitizers/Wash; -as a house hold product for hygienic lifestyle via offering our very unique brand.

Hopefully one that will become a household name & way of life in  Nigeria, for a very long time to come. 

Biomedical Brand of Sanitizer now available in the 70ml, 100mls, 250mls, 500mls & 1Ltr pack sizes are: