Biomedical Limited offers high quality and affordable products under very stringent condition in conformity with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). They are:

  1. Sodium Chloride 0.9%w/ (Normal Saline)
    NAFDAC No:
    Pack Size: [500ml, 1000ml]

  2. Dextrose 5% w/
    NAFDAC No: 04-4894
    Pack Size: 500ml, 1000ml

  3. Dextrose 5% w/v + 0.9% w/Sodium Chloride (5% Dextrose Saline)

    NAFDAC No: 04-1342

    Pack Size: 500ml, 1000ml

  4. Dextrose 10% w/v

    NAFDAC No: 04-4895

    Pack Size: 500ml, 1000ml

  5. Dextrose 4.3% w/v + 0.18% w/v Sodium Chloride

    NAFDAC No: 04-4896

    Pack Size: 500ml

  6. Isoplasma 4%

    NAFDAC No: 04-1334

    Pack Size: 500ml

  7. Biogyl® Metronidazole Injection

    NAFDAC No: 04-1343

    Pack Size: 500mg/100ml

  8. Darrow’s Solution Full Strength

    NAFDAC No: 04-1322

    Pack Size: 500ml

  9. Darrow’s Solution Half Strength

    NAFDAC No: 04-4897

    Pack Size: 500ml

  10. Ringer Lactate Solution

    NAFDAC No: 04-4892

    Pack Size: 500ml

  11. Mannitol 10%

    NAFDAC No: 04-1333

    Pack Size: 500ml

  12. Mannitol 20%

    NAFDAC No: A11-0134

    Pack Size: 500ml

  13. Dextrose 50%

    NAFDAC No: A11-0443

    Pack Size: 100ML

  14.  CAPD           NAFDAC No: A11-1152           Pack Size:  2000ml

  15.  CAPD          NAFDAC No: A11-1151      Pack Size: 2000ml

  16.  Fluconazole Infusion           NAFDAC No:A11-1150.       Pack Size: 100ml

  17. Hand Sanitizer | Hand Wash

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  1. Donna Blackburn

    Looking for a product – Navarre Drainage Bag 600mls please.

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